Where will you go?

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As the new year begins, there is a pull towards setting goals, being better, being wiser or just starting with a clean slate- fresh, clean and unmarred.

While a fresh start always feels like a chance to elevate beyond our current limitations it is good to remember that every day is an opportunity to start new, rise above and kick ass.

There is no perfect- there is only perfect imperfection- scars, blemishes fears and all. Stand before your mirror knowing that you have everything you need.

When you venture out to leave your big beautiful mark on the world,

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The time is NOW

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Let’s start 2015 off with boundless enthusiasm and energy.

The time is NOW.

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We didn’t get that memo……

Shelli Varela
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As a kid, I was beaten up and bullied after my family moved. As a tiny little tomboy, I was certainly able to defend myself physically but much too shy to actually follow through and protect  myself. So I became severely introverted and at one point physically ill. I was an abnormally tiny, self-conscious underdog who struggled with confidence.

Now I want to be a voice for the underdog, and as not just as a firefighter, but now as a fire captain (I get paid to boss the boys around lol) I want to show kids (and adults) that there is NO SUCH THING AS CAN’T.

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