TYE 053: Make The Sale (And Money!) With These Mindset Shifts

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Katie Momo, The Copy Pro, is sales copywriter who loves helping you share your message! She feels obligated to say she’s been behind six-figure launches, even though she personally feels a bit douchy saying it – she recognizes it shows social proof to show she knows a thing or two about making you money. When she’s not writing about herself in third person, she loves hunting down the perfect latte, perfecting her penchant for comedy, and participating in marathons (well, HGTV marathons… not running marathons).

If you’re looking to make more money and build the kind of life that lights you on FIRE, stay tuned until the end of this show for a very special announcement on how we can work together! For full show notes on all of our episodes, visit http://shellivarela.com/the-yes-effect-show/


  • Why Katie calls herself “The Accidental Copywriter”
  • What she noticed early on about websites that aren’t converting
  • How she brings her sales background into her writing
  • What Katie loves about copy, and how the goals of copy can differ based on the project
  • Why you really need to change your idea of what selling is!
  • Building a relationship well in advance of asking something is key (Katie gives a great example of someone online who does this so well)…
  • Be quirky – you don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to be real!
  • The major mindset shifts Katie has had to make in her own journey

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