TYE 059: The Miracle Man with Firefighter Tim Casarin

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As many of you know, I still serve as an active duty fire captain and every now and then, we get a call that just rocks us a little bit. A couple of years ago, we attended one that originally came in as smoke in the building, but it quickly escalated to a commercial property explosion, subsequently burying firefighters under a wall of cinder blocks. One of those firefighters was Tim Casarin, and a crew of firefighters and team of paramedics dug him from the rubble. They saved Tim’s life on scene and proceeded to rush him to the hospital, where he suffered 41 injuries including a broken neck, shattered pelvis and femur, collapsed lung and countless internal injuries.

Tim wasn’t expected to survive, and then he wasn’t expected to walk, but he proved everybody wrong and he’s been dubbed “The Miracle Man.” I’m proud to call him a friend, a co-worker and a hero.

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  • The chilling event that changed Tim’s life as both a man and a firefighter forever
  • How he came to be known as, “Tim the Miracle Man”?
  • Why he made the choice look at this as a positive event that happened in his life and how he did this
  • How Tim now helps others in similar situations and what his life looks like today

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